Ford Mustang Shelby Features, Design, Concept

Although it probably sounds odd, now you could purchase the brand new of ford mustang Shelby. Even, this car is completed with long lists of modern and standard features make it much better than its original version. At a glance, this car looks like cherry but actually this is not. Ford mustang Shelby gt500 technically is like cherry but it is the recreation of 1967 version. Then, it is added a plenty of standard features to present modern performance car. This version offers better performance and more comfort.mustang shelby 2017 usa

Ford mustang Shelby exterior

Started from the exteriors, this ford mustang Shelby 1967 probably looks like the original muscle vehicle with the set of aftermarket wheel. But, beyond its classic skins, there are modern and high performance machines. Under its hood, this has all-aluminum, rush-built, and 5 liter supercharged. It can produce up to 475 lb ft of the torque and 600 horsepower. The powers are sent to rear wheel in the term of six-speed automatic or manual transmission systems as well as limited slip rears differentials.mustang shelby gt 1967

Additionally, this car features 3-link rear suspension packages, double wishbone of front suspension setups, 4-wheel disc brake with the slotted rotor, and pinion and rack power steering. It ensures that the newly makes the muscle cars brake and handle even also it accelerates. The ford mustang Shelby gt350r is also added fiberglass hoods as well as LED lighting.mustang shelby cobra

Ford mustang Shelby interior

Come to the inside, the mustang Shelby cobra benefits from power windows, air conditioning with modern concept, power door lock, and leather front seat with power adjustable, 4-speaker audio systems with Bluetooth compatibilities. The optional feature is 7-speaker sound systems upgrades. These complete features will make your rides more comfort and enjoyable.mustang shelby gt350r pricemustang shelby gt500 eleanor

Not to mention, the only downsides of this car is about pricing. Finding the original one on showroom shapes are pretty difficult. If you found one for sale, you will pay it with big money. Also, finding the new version of ford mustang Shelby is probably quiet easy but you would also pay the big money. For six-speed manual transmissions, the price will start around $219.000 and if you go with automatic transmission, it will climb about $222.840.

mustang shelby need for speed

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